Toddler's reaction to goat farting is hilarious!

Toddler's reaction to goat farting is hilarious!

Who knew goats could fart so loudly?

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What should have been a peaceful petting session for one toddler turned into a frightening ordeal. 

Yes, we all know that humans and animals fart, but who would ever have thought that a goat's fart could be so powerful? One toddler quickly found out that it's not as silent as you may think.

In a hilarious video posted to social media, a young boy can be seen stroking a goat's back with a brush and then suddenly the goat farts, sending the boy shrieking to his mother. The hilarious moment was caught on camera and even though it is short, you cannot help but watch it over and over again.

The best part is that the goat acts as if nothing happened. 

This is internet gold! 

Has your pet ever done something unexpected?

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