Celebrities who recently underwent cosmetic surgery

Celebrities who recently underwent cosmetic surgery

These celebrities have recently had cosmetic surgery...

Nonku and Jojo Robinson
Nonku and Jojo Robinson / Instagram

Cosmetic surgery has various different purposes.

Over the years, cosmetic surgery has been gaining momentum. 

Cosmetic surgery can give you the confidence boost you need and make you feel more comfortable with your looks. 

Some do it to reduce pain, especially for women who feel they have a big bust, with breast reduction surgery allowing them to ease back pain. 

Cosmetic surgery can help improve your overall quality of life. However, it is crucial to find a good surgeon who will give you the results you desire, while it is also important to fully understand what it is you are going to be having. 

Let's look at celebrities who have had cosmetic surgery in the last 12 months. 

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Jojo Robinson

Television personality Jojo Robinson has become the latest celebrity to open up about undergoing surgery to improve her looks. 

Taking to Instagram on Monday, she revealed that she had brachioplasty surgery to remove excess skin. 

The surgery was done on her hands. 

"Graphic warning. Join me on my arm lift surgery journey. ( aka brachioplasty and excess skin removal and lipo done my sides to be exact) Warning on this video. I did add the skin removed in a pic because you guys asked for it. So please don't go report it. Rather, just don't watch," she wrote on Instagram.

She then added that she has been wanting to do the surgery for a while. 

"I've been wanting to do this surgery for the longest time, and I finally just pulled the plug and did it," she said. 

"I had the surgery done with the absolute best @drpaulmcgarr ( he had done my tummy tuck 2 years ago) he is one of the nicest people and with a skill set second to none He has the best way about him and is able to make you feel so comfortable throughout the surgery. Also special mention to St Augstines hospital. What an amazing group of people you guys treated me better than any 5 star hotel could have. (shout out to my girl, Andy)"

She said she was in pain following the surgery but thanked her husband for his support. 

"I'm very sore today, but it's manageable. It's safe to say I won't be doing much this week. I have to wear compression garments for up to 3 weeks, but surprisingly, it's not that uncomfortable . The surgery was a day procedure, and I was able to leave the same day. Although the ride home was hela uncomfortable, not gonna lie. I'm home safe and just laying in bed all week. Sorry, not sorry. I'll update you in my stories as the week goes on.. we should hopefully change the dressing on Friday. Also, my boo bear , I love you so much. Thank you for taking such good care of me," she said.

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Boity Thulo

Boity Thulo also had surgery last year in February. 

"4 months ago on the 28th of Feb, I decided to take the plunge and do a procedure that benefitted me in more ways than I thought it would. A mastopexy which is a breast reduction and lift," she wrote on her Instagram in July.

Nonku Williams

Nonku Williams also underwent liposuction surgery. 

She underwent liposuction in her back, arms, and thighs in September.

"I made it. God being so good…surgery went super well…I had the best team of doctors at the operating room. I’m feeling groggy, a bit nauseous and a bit of pain and swelling for now as to be expected but the meds are putting me on a natural high," she wrote on Instagram. 

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