Celebrities who survived a suicide attempt

Celebrities who survived a suicide attempt

On this World Suicide Prevention Day, we look at local and international celebrities who are suicide survivors.

Demi Lovato
Singer Demi Lovato / Instagram

Each year, thousands of lives are lost due to suicide. 

Suicide affects people from all walks of life. Some celebrities have opened up about their battles with suicidal thoughts. 

Their survival shows that life doesn't have to end before it's time, just because of challenges. 

Let's look at celebrities who survived suicide. 

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Tamar Braxton

American singer and songwriter Tamar Braxton recently made headlines after she survived suicide. 

Braxton took to Instagram to share the challenges, pain, and pressure she has been dealing with for the past 11 years. 

“The pain that I have experienced over the past 11 years has slowly ate away at my spirit and my mental," she said. 

Some of the pain was brought by being "betrayed, taken advantage of, overworked, and underpaid." 

The singer attempted to take her life and was found unresponsive in a hotel room in July. 

After her recovery, she took to Instagram to say how grateful she is to be alive. 

"God's grace and his mercy on my attempt to end my pain and my life that I am here to utilize my voice," she wrote. 

She said she will do "everything in my power to aid those from mental illness, including those of us who's mental illness was only a result from the toxic systematic bondage that dwells television."

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First and foremost, Thank you. Thank you to each and every individual who has prayed for me, thought of me, sent me their love and has showered me with their support. In this present moment, it is my only responsibility to be real with myself and to be real with the ones who truly love me and care for my healing. I have without fail, shared with you my brightest days, and I know that sharing with you what has been my darkest will be the light for any man or woman who is feeling the same defeat I felt just only a week ago. Every one of us has a desire, whether small or big, to make it out of where we come from to an ideal future place that includes, freedom to be who we choose, security for our children and families, and fortune to share with the ones we love. We believe these things can co-exist with just being happy. I believed that, that as a black woman, as an artist, an influence, a personality I could shape my world, and with whom I believed to be my partners, they could help me share my world. Over the past 11 years there were promises made to protect and portray my story, with the authenticity and honesty I gave. I was betrayed, taken advantage of, overworked, and underpaid. I wrote a letter over 2 months ago asking to be freed from what I believed was excessive and unfair. I explained in personal detail the demise I was experiencing. My cry for help went totally ignored. However the demands persisted. It was my spirit, and my soul that was tainted the most. There are a few things I count on most to be, a good mother, a good daughter, a good partner, a good sister, and a good person. Who I was, begun to mean little to nothing, because it would only be how I was portrayed on television that would matter. It was witnessing the slow death of the woman I became, that discouraged my will to fight. I felt like I was no longer living, I was existing for the purpose of a corporations gain and ratings, and that killed me. Mental illness is real. We have to normalize acknowledging it and stop associating it with shame and humiliation. The pain that I have experienced over the past 11 years has slowly ate away at my spirit and my mental. (Swipe to finish )

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Vatiswa Ndara

Most mothers fear not being able to provide for their children. Ndara is one of them. 

The actress opened up about a time she wanted to commit suicide after she was ousted from the SABC for laying a sexual assault complaint against a colleague. After leaving the SABC, she also lost other acting gigs because of the scandal with the assault charge.

It was during this period where she felt she couldn't provide for her child where she attempted suicide. 

In a 2017 interview with Mapaseka on Kaya FM, the legendary actress spoke about how she tried to overdose with pills, cleaning fluids, and methylated spirits. 

“I knew this was going to do it, there was no way I was going to survive with all these pills and everything I drank. I remember that day I cleaned the house, I cleaned before I did all this so at least people come to a clean place,” she said.

Today, Ndara is an award-winning actress who dominates our screens and is celebrated all over South Africa for her tremendous gift. She was even one of the artists who approached Minister Nathi Mthethwa to fight for the rights of artists within the entertainment industry. 

Clement Maosa

‘Skeem Saam’ actor Clement Maosa has attempted to take his life on two occasions. 

He spoke about the reasons behind his suicide attempts in an interview on News24.

“I attempted suicide twice after losing my parents. I felt like I have nothing to live for. Little did I know that my purpose is bigger.

Today, Clement enjoys great success and is one of the most loved actors on 'Skeem Saam'.

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Demi Lovato

American star Demi Lovato has had a long battle with drug addiction, depression, and suicidal thoughts.

The star opened up about her battles in her documentary, ‘Demi Lovato: Stay Strong’, which was released in 2012.

Her suicide attempts started at the age of seven.

“The very first time that I was suicidal was when I was seven. I had this fascination with death,” she said in an interview with Entertainment Tonight. 

“I’ve experienced things that I’ve not talked about and that I don’t know if I ever will talk about, but at seven I knew that if I were to take my own life, that thee pain would end and its been this thought that came back when I was bullied, it came back several times when I was struggling with depression, my bipolar disorder. I turned to cutting and there was a while there were my mom was afraid to wake me up in the morning because she didn’t know if she opened the door, if I’d be alive or not because every time I cut it got deeper and deeper."

Are you battling with suicidal thoughts?

The following resources are available to provide immediate support:

Suicide Crisis Line 0800 567 567 or SMS line 31393.

South African Depression and Anxiety Group (SADAG) Mental Health Line 011 234 4837.

Akeso Psychiatric Response Unit (24 hours a day) 0861 435 787.

Image courtesy of Instagram/ @Ddlovato

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