Danny Painter’s top date ideas
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Danny Painter’s top date ideas

In the busy world we live in there’s barely time to sleep, let alone date! But with us celebrating our 11th anniversary this year, we’ve realised that we have to make the effort, take the time and just be with each other. 

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We need to reconnect with ourselves and our partners so because I work most nights and he works most days we take the gap whenever we can to carve out a little bit of “us” time. 

Dates don’t need to be elaborate or expensive and you don’t even have to leave the house.

Have you ever just cooked a meal, set the table, lit some candles and sat with your partner and talked about life, love and everything else? If not, here are some tips to rekindle that spark and reset your relationship!

  • Ice cream dates are underrated, especially late night ones. Put on your slippers, get in the car and hit a drive through in another town. Being in the car together with nowhere to rush to is really nice, especially with ice-cream. We do this often and always end up feeling closer than when we started.
  • Heading outside for a day to one of our beautiful parks or nature trails is a great way to re-connect and rekindle that flame! It also gives you the opportunity to take some beautiful pictures of each other.
  • Heading to the Union buildings for an ice cream on the grass is another wonderful way to spend a lazy afternoon!
  • Picnics – they don’t need to be elaborate. You could picnic in your garden and have it be special, all it needs to be is thoughtful. 

The best dates are the ones that are not formal, no stuffy restaurants or mini food on big plates. The best dates are ones where you explore, change your daily conversations and have a laugh together. Whether you’re in a long-term relationship or you have been together for a short time. Dates that get you talking and exploring together are great ways to learn about each other, and bringing you closer together.


What is your go-to date idea?

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