Dealing with bullying in the workplace

Dealing with bullying in the workplace

There is nothing worse than dreading to go to work because you are being bullied by a fellow colleague. Here is how you can take your power back!

Bullying in the workplace
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Bullying is a serious problem - and not just for young ones and teenagers. Adults, too, can experience bullying in the workplace.

It might start with simple name calling, but it can escalate to intimidation, threats, or anything that a person does with the intention to cause harm and humiliation to the victim.

However, knowing how to deal with bullies is the first step to taking your power and dignity back.

Below are tips to help you best deal with anyone who bullies you in the workplace.

Approach HR

Depending on who is bullying you, one of the first steps to do is to approach the Human Resource department. They will call both of you into a meeting and take the necessary steps to deal with the culprit.

However, sometimes this approach might not work if the person you are complaining about is the owner of the company. This is because the HR person is also under the same boss and might not want to do anything to jeopardise his or her job. In other words, their loyalty lies with the boss and company and not necessarily with you as an individual.  

Know your worth

There is nothing as powerful as knowing your worth and your rights. People can only succeed in making you feel small if you don’t know how valuable you are.  

Excel in your role

One of the best weapons you can use to shame your bully is to excel in your job. Let your work speak for itself. That way, no matter what the bully does, your bosses will still value you and protect you because of your excellent work.

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Don’t give them the satisfaction of seeing you cry or quitting

The purpose of the bully is to hurt you. They also want to see you quit. Don’t give them the satisfaction.

Quit only if it’s the best decision for you or if it's affecting your mental health. No work environment is worth taking your own life for.

Don’t retaliate

Don’t let the bully change the good and kind person you are. The worst mistake you can make is to do exactly what your bully does.

Do things that make you feel good and strong

Bullies can make you feel worthless and small. Don’t only excel at work, but even when you get home, do things that brighten up your mood and make you feel good about yourself. 

Keep proof of what they are doing wrong

This is especially important if you are going to be approaching HR or confronting the bully. Having proof of all the bully has done to you will give you an upper hand in the matter. Remember, it will be your word against his or hers, so the more facts you have available, the better.

Keep your distance

Don’t engage with the bully unless you really have to. You are just colleagues and not friends, therefore you don’t really need to engage with him or her unless it's work related.

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