Five tips to help keep your skin looking radiant in winter

Five tips to help keep your skin looking radiant in winter

The following are simple, yet effective ways to keep your skin looking healthy during the harsh winter months. 

Skin in winter
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The winter season can change the appearance of your skin, causing it to become dry and flaky.

But, there are things that you can do that will ensure that your skin doesn't take a turn for the worse during the winter season. 

- Moisturise your skin to reduce the chance of developing extreme dryness. A moisturiser will protect your skin from the adverse effects of the climate. The moisturiser serves as a skin barrier which helps retain vital moisture.

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- Check the material you wear and avoid wearing harsh materials that will irritate your skin. 

- Stay hydrated to avoid making your skin look dry. Consume enough liquids and use products that don't lack water. 

However, beware of the liquids you consume. Don't drink things that might damage your skin. For instance, excessive drinking of alcohol can damage people's skin and beverages high in sugar can also cause damage to one's health. Rather, opt for water, tea, and healthy juices. 

- Use a gentle cleanser that alleviates dryness and dehydration, one that won't strip skin of its natural hydrating oils. 

- Make sure your lips are well moisturised. 

- Cover your hands with gloves and feet with socks to prevent them losing moisture and drying out. 

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