JAC’s Top 5: Tips to have me-time as a mom

JAC’s Top 5: Tips to have me-time as a mom

Taking care of yourself positively translates into you taking care of others.

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Being a mom does not have to take away from you being yourself and doing the things you enjoy doing.

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Me-time is not something moms should feel guilty about, in fact they should actively practice without feeling guilty about it and here’s how we advise that you do it:

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1.Rely on Your Partner

Allow your partner to assist in taking over baby duty while having a break.

2. It takes a village to raise a child

If you have a mom support group where you can take turns in babysitting even if for an hour, take part!

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3. Baby’s nap time can be your me-time

Instead of catching up on household chores, try doing something for you when the kids are sleeping.

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4. For mom and baby

Finding baby friendly alternatives to things you enjoy doing the most and keep the little ones occupied

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5. Adjusting your sleeping patterns 
If you stay up longer in the evening after the kids’ bedtime, use that time for your relaxation. Maybe watch a movie or read a book with for favorite tea.
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