Man gets his favourite Nike shoes tattooed on his feet to avoid buying shoes

Man gets his favourite Nike shoes tattooed on his feet to avoid buying shoes

How far would you go to get your favourite pair of shoes? This man decided to have them permanently tattooed on his feet.

Nike shoes tattoo
Nike shoes tattoo /Instagram

A tattoo artist from Cape Town has come up with a crazy but brilliant idea to ensure that one of his clients doesn't have to worry about spending money on new shoes. 

Dean Gunthe, who is from South Africa but currently residing in the UK, is famous for creating illusions using tattoos. 

His recent work of art received a lot of great comments from IG and TikTok followers. 

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Dean designed and tattooed Nike shoes for one of his clients who complained about being tired of paying for shoes. 

"He's tired of paying for shoes, so he decided he will get his favourite pair of Nikes tattooed on him and he can see the funny side to it!

“I wanted to create the illusion that the person is wearing shoes, even though he's bare feet," he told Mirror

The artist says the tattoo "will definitely make you look twice."

He drew the tattoo free hand. 

"Drawing the tattoo on my free hand was the most challenging part. I had to make sure everything flows with the contours of the body. A stencil would not work in this case, so it's all freehand. Once that was on, the tattooing was straightforward," he told Mirror.

He added that the wife of his client is very happy with the tattoo. 

“Definitely a great conversation starter. His wife loves it too."

See the brilliant tattoo below. 

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@dean.gunther who needs shoes if you can permanently tattoo them to your feet.#shoestattoo#art#tattoo#nike@nike ♬ ALMOST HOME - Mad Adix, Marc Steinmeier

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Image courtesy of TikTok screenshot. 

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