From Meth Addiction to Marathons: A South African story of healing

From Meth Addiction to Marathons: A South African story of healing

Author Constantinos Carastavrakis, known to his friends as Costa, tells his story with great honesty and courage. 

Constantinos Carastavrakis
Constantinos Carastavrakis / Supplied.

He chats his course through a childhood of identity confusion - growing up Greek and gay in Johannesburg. He built a glamorous life of parties, business triumphs and money but crashed into the devastation of a crystal meth addiction.

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The 'gift of desperation' arrived to propel him towards a life without drugs and alcohol. He slowly dragged himself out of toxicity onto a path of recovery. With it came a new quest: to create the best version of himself. Costa has devoted his energy and drive to fitness; from small beginnings, he has worked his way up to becoming a marathon runner and triathlon athlete.

He brings light and humour to the darkness of addiction and shows that true body, mind and spirit recovery is possible for anyone who cares enough to heal themselves.

And this week he is in the Good Things Guy studio chatting about his incredible journey and his book, ‘I am Costa: From Meth to Marathons’.

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