Mom-in-law embarrasses daughter-in-law by sending pic of messy house to family chat

Mom-in-law embarrasses daughter-in-law by sending pic of messy house to family chat

What an embarrassing moment! 

Untidy lounge room
Untidy lounge room/ iStock

It is no secret that many mother-in-laws and their daughter-in-laws don't always get along. 

One daughter-in-law took to Reddit to share what her mother-in-law did to embarrass her. 

The mother of two says she was temporarily hosting her mother-in-law for a visit. 

"My FIL and MIL (well my husbands stepmother) are visiting us from overseas for a few weeks before going to my BIL’s. They have been with us for a week so far," she wrote. 

Like most women, she says she tries to keep her house tidy, but with children in the house, it is not always possible to have their rooms looking tidy. As a mother, student, and part-time worker, she says her hands are full. 

"Most of the house is very clean, we had a rental house inspection on the day they arrived and everything had been scrubbed down except for our garage which the inspector wasn’t worried about. I try to keep on top of things with two school aged children, studying and working part time from home but I must admit the kids have already made quite a big mess in their bedrooms and the garage is a disaster but I wasn’t worried as I just kept those doors closed and was going to ask the kids to give their rooms a clean," she wrote. 

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The daughter-in-law says she was surprised to see photos of the untidy rooms and garage being sent to the family WhatsApp group by her mother-in-law. 

"Yesterday I was on a Zoom seminar when my WhatsApp chat popped up on my computer with 7 photos of the mess in the kids bedrooms, laundry and a few pics of very messy areas of the garage which was sent to the family chat where there are about 12 of us on my husbands side of the family and are quite active in," she wrote. 

The young lady says she confronted her mother-in-law, who claimed it was a mistake. 

"I immediately ran downstairs and saw her walk from the garage into the lounge with a smirk on her face texting. I quickly asked her if she was sending pictures of the messy parts of the house and her eyes went wide, she apologised and said they were for FIL (it was just her and I in the house, FIL is also visiting us so makes no sense). I told her to delete them off the WhatsApp group and went back upstairs. I have a suspicion she was ridiculing/ shaming the mess in our house to her daughter and sent photos to the wrong chat."

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She says since the incident, the mother-in-law has been avoiding her and even cut her visit short. 

"I just feel ashamed and it feels violating that someone would go through the bedrooms, laundry and garage to take photos of mess to gossip about us and how we keep our home."

She asked users if she overacted by being mad at her mother-in-law for sending those pics. What do you think? 

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