Mom makes son sleep in school clothes to avoid morning rush

Mom makes son sleep in school clothes to avoid morning rush

This mother believes dressing your child for school in the evening is the best way to avoid rushing things in the morning. 

Students Wearing Uniform Running Into School Building
Students Wearing Uniform Running Into School Building/ iStock

Getting your child ready for school in the morning takes time. 

Some children are grumpy in the morning and getting them dressed might be a mission and a half. 

This mother decided to avoid any morning drama by getting her son ready for school the night before. 

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Taking to TikTok, Ms Rachel shared how she makes her son sleep in his clothes for school and in the morning he just needs to put on sneakers. 

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"We put on a nice new shirt, sweatpants - super comfy and great for jammies - and then when he wakes up we just thrown on sneakers," said Rachel on the video. 

However, she added that this practice won't last forever. She hopes to someday teach her son to dress himself for school in the morning. 

"Someday I'll teach him to wake up for school and get dressed and that will be a very good thing to teach, but I can't do that right now," she said. 

The mother concluded her post by adding that she is doing her best. 

"And that's OK I'm doing my best and so are you and I love you."

One of the people in the comments section said a nice bath in the morning would wake him up. Rachel responded that she prefers to bath him at night. 

"He bathes at night, he doesn't get sweaty at night. If he did, we'd grab new clothes," she said. 

Watch the video below: 

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