Moms share tips to make labour pains bearable

Moms share tips to make labour pains bearable

We've all heard the horror stories around labour pains, but some women have been lucky enough to have relatively easy and pretty much pain-free birth experiences. We spoke to some of them and they've shared their tips with us. 

Pregnant woman

Being pregnant is very exciting, but the thought of labour can be quite scary, especially if you have never given birth before.


Each year, millions of women go into labour. In 2016, a total of 969 415 births were registered in South Africa with Gauteng and KwaZulu-Natal reporting the highest number of birth occurrences. So, if you are one of those women freaking out about giving birth, you are not alone. 


I remember when I was pregnant with my first baby, my gynaecologist told me to ignore all the negative stories I'd heard about childbirth and encouraged me to have a positive mindset. I have to say, after choosing to focus all my energy on good thoughts and saying lots of prayers, my labour went very smooth and I didn't even experience labour pains.  

Below, other women share tips on how to make your labour more bearable:  

Megan Erasmus

Exercise! Walking or even swimming makes delivery easier. Just don't do hectic exercises that could put your baby's life at risk, but light exercises such as walking are the best.

Makoena Pabale

Don't scream because screaming is a waste of energy. You are going to need the energy to push. Co-operate with the doctor and nurses that are helping deliver the baby and it's also important to have a breathing routine. 

Gabaiphiwe Khosa

Choose an emotionally strong person to go with you into the labour room. If it's your husband, prepare him on what to expect and ask him not to panic because that could affect you. 

Tiisetso Moagi 

The only person that matters is the one on the inside of you (your baby). So, no matter the obstacle, think about that little life inside of you. Lastly, pray a lot even during labour. 

Sister Dorothy Malema who has helped deliver babies at Pretoria West Hospital adds 'it's also important for first-time moms to attend antenatal classes. If women can't attend such, just remember to breathe in and out during labour. It helps!'

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