Mum buys interesting toys for her son

Mum buys interesting toys for her son

Mum prefers toys for her son to mimic real life situations. 

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Lex Delarosa is a mum and TikToker whose views on toys have become controversial. This follows videos posted on TikTok showing what kind of toys she bought for her two-year-old son. 

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The toys include toy cleaning supplies, a doll, and a toy vacuum cleaner. It turns out that the reason for buying these toys is to ensure that he understands that cleaning and taking care of people isn’t just for girls. 

As expected, the comments section was divided, with some viewers loving the concept of non-gendered toys that reflect real life and teaching them about household chores. 

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While others raised concerns of having to teach a two-year-old house chores and making it seem like something fun to do. 

Watch the video below: 

@lex.delarosa The last one people have an issue with for some reason lol #WeStickTogether #MickeyFriendsStayTrue #CVSPaperlessChallenge #fyp #toddlertoys ♬ Che La Luna - Louis Prima

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