PICTURES: The winter solstice is here!

PICTURES: The winter solstice is here!

Find out what it is and why it happens right here!


Tuesday, 21 June 2022, is the winter solstice - and people are wondering exactly what it is.

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The winter solstice is also known as the shortest day or the longest night in the southern hemisphere. The exact time of the solstice is 11:13 AM (SAST).

The winter solstice occurs because of the earth's annual rotation around the sun, and the earth's axial tilt aligns to provide the shortest period of sunshine.

The good news is that from today we are technically heading toward spring again, so the warmer weather is coming.

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People worldwide are celebrating the solstice by doing awesome things, like scientists taking a dip in a sub-zero pool in the Antarctic!

See the pictures below:


Image: Afri Weather – AfriWx/Facebook

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