DJ brags about playing a Spotify playlist at a gig

WATCH: DJ brags about playing a Spotify playlist at a gig

Getting paid and trusting the algorithm to do the work...


TikToker @mr__fireworks has found a hack for his DJing job. He shared a video showing that his Spotify premium account is doing all the work for him.

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The video has an overlaying text that reads: "I'm getting paid $4,000 for this” which converts to R 64 045,60. The video shows his Spotify pre-set mix and everybody just having the time of their life on the dancefloor.

As usual, people will find humour in everything as some comments came through applauding him for working smart and making sure that premium account is worth every cent he is paying.

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Some didn’t take it all that well as they were alarmed by his admission on social media, with some asking what if a premium ad plays while he is playing the mix?

Watch the video below:

@mr__fireworks white weddings be like #dj #whitepeople #wedding #easy #money #theweeknd ♬ ما أجمل الحياة - Rachid Aseyakhe

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