Potty training tips that work

Potty training tips that work

Go Diaper Free Week takes place from 24 April until 30 March. Here is how you can train your little one to let go of the diaper.

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Most kids get potty trained between ages 18 and 24 months. However, it is important to not rush your child because some children might be slower than others. Children develop at their own pace.  

To know if your child is ready to be potty trained, look out for the following signs: 

  • When your child can indicates either through actions or words when she/he wants to wee or poo. 
  • When your child can pull down their own nappy, training pants, or underwear. 
  • When your child can get on the potty, stay on the potty long enough to wee or poop.  

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Free your child from nappy dependency using the following tips: 

- Put the potty next to your toilet and encourage your child to wee while you wee. 

- Place the potty in a convenient spot or where your child could see it and frequently ask them to wee. 

- Encourage your child to go on the potty after eating or drinking liquids. 

- Buy your child some nice underwear, preferably of their favourite cartoon character, and ask them not to wee on their favourite character. 

- Potty train before bedtime, during the night, and after waking up. 

- Let your child watch cartoons that teach them about potty training and teach your children potty training songs. There are many songs on YouTube. 

- Celebrate your child every time he/she successfully uses the potty. This can even be done with a sticker, where you buy a sticker chart and celebrate your child's wins.

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