Preparing for the Auto & General Cross Triathlon: Roz’s guide

Preparing for the Auto & General Cross Triathlon: Roz’s guide

Rozanne McKenzie from ‘The Drive with Rob & Roz’ is set to take part in the Auto & General Cross Triathlon at Steyn City on 25 February. Here’s how she is preparing for the event…

Auto & General Cross Triathlon Steyn City finish line

Preparing for an event such as the world class Auto & General Cross Triathlon takes dedication and mental strength to ensure you are able to perform to the best of your ability.

With a 600m swim through the pristine waters of the Steyn City lagoon, a 30km cycle across the estate’s expansive network of exhilarating trails, and a 7km run along the secure pathways on the cards, ‘The Drive with Rob & Roz’ co-host Rozanne McKenzie is in for an adventure and a half.

Interestingly, this will be Roz’s first ever triathlon, so in the build-up she is dedicating her body and mind to the goal of giving her all – and having some fun along the way.

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We caught up with Roz for a chat about her physical preparations for the event, the mental aspect of taking on something like the Auto & General Cross Triathlon, and what she is looking forward to experiencing at Steyn City

Can you take us through your exercise routine in the lead up to an event such as the Auto & General Cross Triathlon? 

I will try to keep my weights and strength sessions in my schedule, because I know that being strong will be a great help in my first triathlon. I have needed to up my cardio, so I have added in trail running and swimming sessions too. I thought my big challenge would be the cycling element, because I haven't been on a bike willingly in about 13 years! I got an amazing mountain bike designed specifically for women, so I'm feeling a lot more comfortable on the bike. I'm also trying to make sure I rest enough, so my recovery is better, because the volume of exercise I'm doing is much more than I was before training for the triathlon. 

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What sort of eating plan do you stick to in the lead up to an event like this?

I use an app to track my macros every day, so I know my protein and carb intake is on point. The extra cardio is making me very hungry, so I have a protein shake with blueberries and banana when I feel like I'm a bit hungry.

How do you mentally prepare yourself for an event such as this?

I try to meditate at night and focus on positive thoughts. If you tell yourself you can do something, you'll prove yourself right. I'm excited, but I'm expecting the race to be very challenging. Also, something I often tell my kids is that if you know you've done your best and given everything that you can, that is the most important thing. 

Is there any particular music you like to listen to for motivation ahead of a race? 

Anything loud with a vibe on my way to the venue is good.  

What are you most looking forward to about the Auto & General Cross Triathlon at Steyn City? 

We had a Jacaranda FM event at Steyn City years ago and that was the last time I was there. It is an absolutely breath-taking venue. The way that the architecture has been incorporated into the natural beauty of the venue is amazing and I want to take all of that in while I'm doing the race. I could not think of a better place to do my first triathlon. 

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Roz will be taking part in the Auto & General Cross Triathlon at Steyn City on 25 February 2023. If you would like to join her, there are limited spaces still available. Click HERE to sign up for the triathlon. Keep listening to Jacaranda FM for more details and enter our competition to win a share of R70,000 - courtesy of Auto & General - by clicking HERE.

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