Schools set to welcome 17 sets of twins

Schools set to welcome 17 sets of twins

These 17 sets of twins will reportedly make history by starting school in Scotland before the end of the month. 

Funny children schoolgirls girls twins
Funny children schoolgirls girls twins/ iStock

Imagine a school having more than a few sets of twins? That is something truly special. 

Two schools in Scotland are getting ready to welcome 17 sets of twins in the coming weeks. 

According to a report by Sky News, the kids will be attending the St Patrick's Primary School in Greenock and Ardgowan Primary. 

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The schools have expressed excitement about having the young ones starting primary school. 

"It has become an annual tradition in Inverclyde, or Twinverclyde as we've become known, to welcome our twins into primary one," Graeme Brooks, depute provost of Inverclyde Council, told Sky News

"Excitement is definitely building for the start of the new term next week and what better way to look forward to that than seeing the pupils here looking resplendent in their uniforms," said Brooks. 

Not only is it exciting for the school, but even the parents are said to be over the moon. 

"It's also a good bit of fun for parents too - and a handy dress rehearsal ahead of the real thing next Friday," said Brooks.

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