This 31-year-old went back to school to finish matric

This 31-year-old went back to school to finish matric

A young woman has made a positive impact on social media by sharing that at the age of 31 she decided to go back to school and rewrite her matric.

Young woman wearing a school uniform and sunglasses
Young woman wearing a school uniform and sunglasses/TikTok Screenshot/@pinkyminnie1

When we think about our younger years, we can firmly say that we didn't do everything right. 

What we mean is, very rarely did everything work out perfectly or in the ideal way. But that doesn't mean that we stopped and kept pining over it. Life moved on and so we had to push forth and move with it. 

It does say something though when a person is able to look back and redo a chapter of their lives to attain a better present and future. 

A woman who shared on TikTok that she went back to reset her wrongs shared that at the age of 31, she decided to go back and rewrite her matric. 

She specifically called it going back to school to rewrite her wrongs and for her that meant her 'matric'. 

Have a look at how snazzy she looks in her school uniform. 

She is definitely lucky to be able to fit into a school uniform and she certainly fits the role of student with her youthful appearance. 

Courtesy of TikTok

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Not only was she an inspiration to herself, but she inspired others to share their rewriting moments:

Thotong 777#: "I was 27 when I wrote my matric, already married. did my nursing course afterwards,today I'm a professional nurse." 

Magaba: "I rewrote my matric at the age of 38 now I'm doing my 1st year studying teaching im 41 years now we can do it sweetheart" 

lindiwemokoena11: "I wrote my matric when I was 32 the did 4 years at unisa then got my degree when I was 36. I'm proud of you dear" 

LadyInAcademiaza: "So proud of you🥺❤️. Kicked out of school at 14. Went to a night school. College at 24. University at 27. Now 33,4 qualifications and doing my Masters" 

hle hle: "Did the same thing in 2014 at the age of 22 . Years later I am a qualified teacher, I thank my self everyday. Trust God you will finish." 

Image Courtesy of TikTok

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