Cultivating Success: Standard Bank sows seeds of success with local farmer

Cultivating Success: Standard Bank sows seeds of success with local farmer

Standard Bank played a pivotal role in facilitating the growth of farmer Tiaan Bam’s family farm, Farm Palmietspruit, located in the picturesque town of Amersfoort, Mpumalanga.

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Specialising in the cultivation of Maize, Soya, Teff, and other seeds, Bam transformed his farm, into a thriving agricultural entity spanning 750 hectares. This remarkable journey of growth and success is in part attributed to the unwavering support and financial assistance provided by Standard Bank.

The relationship between Tiaan Bam and Standard Bank began in 2018 when he sought financial assistance for his farming operation. At the time, his bookkeeper, Mrs Deacon from Thaba Boerdery, recommended Standard Bank’s Klaas Leshalabe as a reputable agricultural banker. This introduction marked the beginning of a fruitful partnership. 

“Mr Bam’s vision for his farm and his commitment to success were clear. We supported him during a critical time when he faced challenges repaying his production loan. Standard Bank provided an Overdraft to settle the debt and took over his production loan and bond. As a banker, forming a trusted advisor relationship is key. Understanding our clients' businesses inside-out is crucial for providing tailored solutions. Partnering for growth means delving into their specific needs, which I strive to accomplish. Our extensive sector expertise in agriculture plays a pivotal role in offering valuable insights that guide informed decisions,” said Klaas Leshalabe, the Relationship Manager at Standard Bank in Secunda.

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Since the inception of their relationship, Bam's farming business has achieved remarkable milestones. With the guidance and financial support from Standard Bank, he was able to optimise his planting activities on both his family farm and additional rented land. He highlighted the excellent communication with his banker, Klaas Leshalabe, who provided valuable advice and financial solutions, making the path to growth a smooth and efficient one.

“Mr Leshalabe's team at the office has been very supportive. When I had an issue with one of my grandmother's accounts at Standard Bank, they all promptly provided assistance. Moreover, Mr. Leshalabe visiting my farm has been incredibly beneficial. As farmers, we're constantly busy and finding time to go to Standard Bank can be challenging. Having Mr Leshalabe come to the farm directly has been immensely valuable for me,” says Tiaan Bam.

The collaboration between Tiaan Bam and Standard Bank extends beyond the traditional banking relationship. Tiaan has become an advocate for the bank in Amersfoort, effectively marketing their services to other local farmers. His commitment to Standard Bank's services has already resulted in the acquisition of three new clients, expanding the bank's presence in the region. Furthermore, his initiative led to an invitation for Standard Bank to participate in a local farmers' day event. This annual opportunity is expected to bring significant benefits to both his farm and the bank by establishing new connections and strengthening existing relationships within the agricultural community.

As Tiaan Bam looks ahead, his future plans and goals for Farm Palmietspruit include optimising his farming operations and delving into more specialised work. He anticipates that Standard Bank's continued support will play a pivotal role in helping him achieve these goals. This collaboration showcases how a financial institution's unwavering support can empower local businesses and foster growth in the agricultural sector.

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