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Sweet celebrity quotes about their moms

These celebrities can’t stop praising their mothers…

Tamara Dey and her mother

It’s Mother’s Day this Sunday and to celebrate we are paying tribute to the women who helped bring some of South Africa’s biggest stars into the world.

Celebrities usually try to keep their private lives out of the spotlight, but when it comes to their moms, they can’t stop singing their praises.

Here’s a look at some of the special ways these local stars have paid tribute to their moms.

Pearl Thusi

Pearl Thusi’s mother died in 2004. She says the “day she passed on was like an intense and vivid nightmare that still has not ended”. The 29-year-old says it is important to love and appreciate your mother while she is around because you never know when she will be gone. “I see how people take their moms for granted sometimes. And my heart breaks. This is where my mother rests. And the most I can do now is to clean this cold surface that lies there in her memory. I know she's watching over me but I would love to have her back. I'd do anything. For her to be back and my daughter to meet her grandmother,” she wrote on Instagram in 2016 while visiting her mother’s grave.

Danny Painter 

Radio personality Danny Painter says her mom taught her to be kind to everyone. “My mom always said, ‘always be nice to the receptionist - you never know who she's sleeping with. Everyone is living a life you know nothing about and you never know who they know or where they may end up. One day on the journey of life, that person may need someone exactly like you, and if you were kind, they will always remember you. Always be kind. Always be respectful. Always be on time and always be prepared’.”

Danny Painter mom


TV presenter Boity Thulo describes her mother Modiehi as her “queen”. The mother-daughter duo could easily be mistaken for sisters. “God Bless the day you were born and the day you became my Mother! I love you with all of my being! And please kindly direct the rest of us to the Fountain of Youth,” she wrote about her mother on Instagram.

Tamara Dey

Tamara Dey has described her mother as her pillar of strength, but in 2016 their roles were reversed when Susan Dey was kidnapped, raped and robbed. “This has deepened our connection and strengthened our love for each other,” Tamara told the Sunday Times a few months after the ordeal. Tamara has since become a mother herself, welcoming her daughter Lalabella in December. Her mother is no doubt by her side, helping her on her new journey as a mom. “This woman is EVERYTHING. I love you mum, you're my rock,” Tamara captioned this picture with her mom on Instagram.

This woman is EVERYTHING♥️ I love you mum, you're my rock

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