Three surprising things that can make your fuel last longer

Three surprising things that can make your fuel last longer

Here are three major tips that will help you save petrol or diesel. 

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South Africans are currently dealing with a lot on their plate, especially when it comes to finances. 

On Wednesday, petrol and diesel increased.

Unleaded petrol rose by 75c a litre and diesel also increased by between 70c and 73c. Both petrol and diesel cost more than R21 a litre. 

Sadly, the petrol price pushes everything up from food to other daily expenses. 

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To try and save on your petrol or fuel, try these surprising things: 

- Avoid idling. Idling vehicles use more petrol or diesel than drivers think. So, don’t let the vehicle idle for more than a minute, because an idling car uses between 0.76 to 2.65 litres of fuel an hour, according to car track

- Ensure your tyres are not under-inflated. Under-inflated tyres increase your car's drag. This, in turn, increases fuel consumption. 

- Use the right gear when driving. Travelling at fast rates in low gear consumes more petrol. 

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