3 Ways to store your family's memories

Three ways to store your family's memories

Here are three ways you can store your family's precious memories.

Memory box

If you have a lot of family pictures and memorabilia, but not sure how to store them, then these tips are just for you.

Creating memories are an important part of family life. You will be able to look at them a year or ten years from now and remember the good times. 

While many people can appreciate a good time without reaching for a camera, there are times when you just cannot resist capturing the moment. 

But what to do with all those memories? 

Here are three ways you can store your family's memories. 

Create a photo book

In this digital and photo obsessed age, you are likely to have hundreds of pictures of your family stored on your devices. But with social media apps like Facebook and Twitter, less people are printing actual images, and opting to just have digital versions. But if your account is hacked or you are unable to get access to it, all your precious memories could be lost forever. A photo book is not only a great way to keep all your picture memories, but they are also a nice spin on the traditional adhesive photo album. You can create photo books annually, selecting your favourite pictures of the year.  There are several apps that help you create photo book albums from your phone in minutes.

Memory box

Create a personalised memory box for each member of your family. This will not only help you organise your photos, but make it easier to find specific memories.

Create a gallery wall

Instead of keeping your children's memories out of sight in a box at the bottom of your wardrobe, why not display them around your house. Gallery or photo walls add to your home's decor while showing off your precious memories.

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