Today, we look at the most in-demand skillsets currently in South Africa.

The top skillsets that are currently in demand in the SA job market

With the government looking to a brighter future for South Africans, with plans to rebuild the economy, we must hope that these plans will resonate into more job creation for our youth. 



Today, we look at the most in-demand skillsets currently in South Africa. 

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Career Junction recently published its latest index, which shows the skillsets that are most in-demand in South Africa this year. The index shows the current state of the South African job market. 

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The results presented are based on the online activity received on the Career Junction website, in which around 3,000 of the top recruiters advertise vacancies to millions of job seekers daily. 


The report shows that the below skillsets are currently most sought after. 


  1. Software development: The demand for software developers and programmers has increased by 23%. 
  2. Middle Management: If you are currently in the job market and have acquired managerial experience, you face good prospects. Make this particular skill set known on your resume. 
  3. Sales consultants: With a growth of over 50% year-on-year, this skillset is currently good to have as it demonstrates improved employment opportunities. 


The Career Junction report also identified the current trending jobs, which has also seen a spike in demand from recruiters:

  1. Executive Management / Director 
  2. Director Representative / Sales Consulting
  3. IT Project Administration / Management


Unfortunately, there has been a decline for job seekers in the medical and health, marketing, and manufacturing and assembly sectors. 


With a current unemployment rate of over 30%, we hope there is light at the end of a very dark tunnel. 

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