International media outlet can’t pronounce “Gauteng”

International media outlet can’t pronounce “Gauteng”

News networks all over the world are reporting on the looting and protests in Gauteng and KwaZulu-Natal. 

FoxNews reporting on Gauteng
Source: YouTube/FoxNews

However, the international media seem to be struggling with the pronunciation of certain places in South Africa, particularly the word “Gauteng”. 

Fox News caught the eye of South Africans when the channel reported on the ongoing violent protests.  

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Trace Gallagher was reporting on the protests and when it came to pronouncing “Gauteng”, he said, "Gwanteng".  

The reporter said: “It’s impossible not to draw parallels of what happened here after the death of George Floyd and what could easily happen again in this country when police are overwhelmed… Just like we saw in America, South Africa’s small business owners and the poor are bearing the brunt because their businesses have been destroyed.”  

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Image credit: YouTube/FoxNews

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