WATCH: Vasectomy sat this one out

WATCH: The vasectomy sat this one out

Oh, baby! Another one?

Vasectomy Baby

TikTok user @lafrenztraci shared a scarce experience of a failed vasectomy. The video has since been trending and had many people questioning the procedure's efficiency.

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The video shows the husband's reaction to the news of their pregnancy.

The reveal for baby number three was through a cake with a message that reads "We are officially outnumbered", and you can see the man's face drop instantly, followed by the question: "Are you serious?"

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A commentator said jokingly: "The look of a man figuring out that he has another college tuition to pay for."

Watch the video below:

@lafrenztraci When my husband found out I was pregnant with our third baby after his doctor cleared him after his vasectomy #husband #vasectomy #failedvasectomy #thirdbaby #threekids #partyof5 #surprise #pregnancy #3under3 #shitgotreal #pregnant #3kids #bonusbaby #blessed #blessing #herewego #herewegoagain ♬ original sound - Lafrenztraci

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Image Credit: Tik Tok/ @lafrenztraci

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