Why hair treatment is important

Why hair treatment is important

Hair expert Sarah Ramalobela shares the benefits of looking after your hair.

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Looks matter and hair plays a huge role in how we look. This is why caring for your hair is important. 

One of the things that is recommended by hairdressers is hair treatment. 

Sarah Ramalobela says there are many great benefits of hair treatment. 

It helps the hair grow

Some people’s hair grows very fast, but others struggle.  If you are one of those who struggles, treatment will help to grow your hair. 

Treatment helps your hair not to break

Hair breakage is a serious problem for many of us. Whether relaxed, conditioned or natural, hair can still break. Sarah says getting hair treatment reduces the chances of it breaking. 

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Treatment helps strengthen fine hair

If your hair is thin and fine, Sarah recommends that you treat it regularly. She also says it is important for you to treat your hair after plaiting, because plaiting pulls the hair. 

Treatment helps the hair regain strength

Sarah says treatment helps hair to regain strength and volume. 

Treatment helps the scalp

Sarah says hair treatment even helps with dandruff or dry scalp. 

The expert says there are different types of hair treatments, and your hairdresser will choose the best one for you. 

Lastly, she says it is important to treat her at once or twice a month. 

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