Winter boot guide: how to pick the right boots

Winter boot guide: how to pick the right boots

Boots are a must-have for the winter season, but with so many to choose from, picking the right style can get tricky. Check out our guide to choosing the best boots this winter.


When it comes to selecting the right type of boots, the most important things to consider are; comfort, style and budget.

Boots can ruin or enhance your outfit and wearing the wrong type can be the difference between an enjoyable walk and an uncomfortable one. An ill-fitting boot can cause discomfort and can even result in blisters.

Before purchasing any pair of boots, it’s important to think about what activities you’ll be doing in them. This will help you determine the best type for your chosen activity.  For instance, if you are going to be engaged in hectic outdoor activities such as hiking, mountain-climbing, horse riding or even walking for long-distances on uneven ground and hills, it is best to buy boots that will support these activities, like Isogrip boots and hiking boots.


When it comes to selecting the material, it’s important to look and the pros and cons of each material.

Leather: Leather boots are versatile and more durable if cared for properly. The material is hard and therefore ideal for more abrasive areas. They are easy to clean and are water repellent. However, they might be a bit costly as compared to other materials.

Fabric boots: Fabric boots are stylish, lightweight and can be less expensive than leather boots. However, they are not so good in abrasive area-++s and aren’t easy to clean. 

Suede boots: Suede boots are super soft, stylish and classy. However, they are not ideal for everyday wear as they get dirty easily and are not easy to clean.

Boot length

The length of boots is very important. It can break or make your outfit. 

Fashion stylist Chriselle Lim says knee high/ mid-calf or ankle-cut boots look great on women of different shapes and sizes, but what is important is the type of outfit the woman wears with the boots. In the below video, Lim shares the best outfits for the different types of boots.

Sunshine style blog recommends:

Flat-ankle boots for skinny jeans, dresses, jean shorts, leather pants and casual outfits.

Block heeled boots for wide-leg pants, straight-leg pants, dresses/skirts and overalls.

Cut out boots for skinny jeans, skirts, cut off denim and jean jackets.

Riding boots for all jeans, fitted dresses, flowy skirts and leggings.

Rain boots for above the knee skirts and dresses, skinny jeans, tall socks and jeggings.

Over the knee boots for miniskirts, dresses, skinny jeans and leggings.

The below video shows 16 types of boots types and how to wear them.

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