These 'smart shoes' know exactly what you want for dinner tonight

These 'smart shoes' know exactly what you want for dinner tonight

U.S. pizza chain Pizza Hut has launched hi-top sneakers that connect to a delivery app and to a television set. The shoes will add an extra dimension to the 'March Madness' experience. 

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We are living in the era of wearable technology. Watches, athletics kits, and running shoes have all been designed to enhance the performance not only of athletes, but of ordinary people as well. At the very least, you'll be happy to brag to your friends about how much more 'high-tech' your outfit is than theirs. 

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And if this kind of technology can enhance the universal experience of supporting your sports team at the height of an important tournament, then it's even better. That is what Pizza Hut is doing for its customers who are both pizza lovers and sports enthusiasts with the release of its pizza-themed smart shoe, the 'Pie Top II'.

The trendy sneaker can be linked up to the Pizza Hut app, so that all the wearer has to do to get their favourite pizza delivered is press a button on the tongue of the shoe. See how the innovation works:

Pizza Hut saw success with its 2017 model and decided to bring back the hi-tops for this year's March Madness basketball season. 

As there are only 50 pairs available for purchase, other pizza and wearable tech enthusiasts who want to join the Pie Top II fun will have to keep a keen eye on Pizza Hut's social media pages. 

Would you wear shoes that can automatically order food for you?

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