Women are more likely to cheat - Here's why

Women are more likely to cheat - Here's why

There is a growing body of scientific research that points out that women are more likely to cheat. 

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A recent New York Post article has revealed the reason why women are more likely to cheat than men, and it is surprising.

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Anthropologist Wednesday Martin has interviewed many specialists to create an updated image of the female libido.

Martin commented: “The new research is correcting false notions that women have lesser libidos, that women are more naturally monogamous and that it’s easier for women to partner for life."

According to Martin, the real reason why women are more likely to cheat is because they get bored.

The age-old myth that women cheat because they are unhappy, and men cheat for sexual reasons, has also been overturned.

During a study, women looking for other partners reported being in sexless or orgasm-less marriages, and they want what they can’t get at home.

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Not all women in relationships are destined to cheat, however, and people can keep their relationships strong and healthy by keeping things exciting.

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