Yay or Nay? Should toddlers get glue wig installations?

Yay or Nay? Should toddlers get glue wig installations?

"Glue on a child's skin? This is madness!" 

Mother combing daughter hair
Mother combing daughter hair/ iStock

Thousands if not millions of women around the world prefer to install wigs. 

Wigs can offer instant transformation in looks and style. 

One does not have to spend hours trying to fix hair and wigs allow you to put them on within a few minutes. 

However, although wigs are usually put on by adults, a video has gone viral on social media showing a toddler getting a wig installation.

In the video shared on Instagram, an adult can be seen carrying a toddler on her knees. 

A person who looks like a hairdresser can be seen taking glue and placing it on the child's scalp.   

She then installs a wig while the toddler sucks on her pacifier. 

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Many social media users are divided over whether it is right to install a wig on a child. 

Below are some of the comments: 

A Glue on a Child Skin. This is Madness. 

Ncaw she looks adorable. Big ups to the parents for doing what makes them happy with their child. 

Putting a wig on a minor should be punishable with jail time. 

This stuff is so uncomfortable why subject a child to this. 

This is gone too far guys. 

Poll: Should toddlers get glue wig installations? 

No. That is absurd. 

Yes. Parents should be allowed to do anything on their children's hair. 

It depends on the child and the parents.  

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