Five smart ways to childproof your home for a toddler

Five smart ways to childproof your home for a toddler

By using the tips below to make your home safe, you can prevent accidents that could be fatal.

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It is the parents' responsibility to ensure that children are safe in the house.

A small accident can cause your child to lose his or her life or result in serious injury.

We look at five ways you can make your home childproof.

Lock the doors

Kids can accidentally open doors and go out of the house without you being aware.

Gates, extensions, and playpens are effective ways to protect your little one.

Cover electric cables

Kids can touch or play with electric cables around the house, posing a serious risk of electric shock and burns.  

Thankfully, there are cord covers that can protect your child.

You can also get a cord shortener where you can store an excess of long cords inside a receptacle.

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Set the water thermostat to lower than 120 Degree Celsius

It is not always possible to have your eyes fixed on your child all the time. Kids can get into the bathroom and put on hot water without you seeing them. This is why it is important to ensure you don’t set the temperature on the water too high in case the child accidentally turns the knob towards the hot water and gets burned.

Have window stops

A window stop allows you to control how wide you can open windows in your house.

Set it in such a way that it won’t allow your child enough space to fit.  

This will prevent your child from falling or climbing out of the house through the window.

Put dangerous things out of reach

Having a toddler in your house means that you have to pay careful attention to anything that can be a hazard.

Kids love to touch and explore because that is how they learn. They can play with anything their hands find. So, it is important to look around and remove anything that can be a hazard. 

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