Dial back on the sugar at your kid's party with these tips

Dial back on the sugar at your kid's party with these tips

Here's how you can throw the perfect birthday party for your child without the added sugar.

Children birthday party

Birthday parties can be the ultimate sugar-rush for children.

If they are not eating sweets and chocolates, they are drinking frizzy drinks loaded with refined sugar. 

If you are a health-conscious mom, who wants sugar-free options for your child's birthday party, then keep reading. 

Ditch the soft drinks and sugary snacks at your child's birthday party in favour of these healthier treats - which require no added sugar. 

Sugar-free birthday cake

No birthday party is complete without cake. This fuss-free birthday cake is not only sugarless but it is also good for diabetics! 

Fruit popsicles 

Kids and ice-cream go together like babies and boobies. But ice-cream can be loaded with sugar, and some even have caffeine. Instead of serving chocolate ice-cream, why not serve some delicious fruit popsicles? We love this Martha Stewart recipe. 

*Note: Fruits technically have sugar - not added sugar of course, but naturally occurring sugar. Choose fruits that are low in sugar, like strawberries, raspberries, and peaches if you want to go super healthy.

No bake Oreos

Cookies are a must for every child's birthday party, and this no bake Oreo recipe from The Happy Pear is perfect for what you are trying to do. It's refined sugar-free and looks good enough to eat! 

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