Eskort Just Delicious - Easy does it

Eskort Just Delicious - Easy does it

These recipes are easy to make and taste delicious.

Eskort Dukkah Spiced Frikkadels
Dukkah Spiced Frikkadels / Supplied

Minimum effort, maximum flavour! Super simple to make, these #JustDelicious recipes go from pan to plate without you breaking a sweat!

Dukkah Spiced Frikkadels

Homemade, golden-brown Amasi flatbreads spread with spicy green chilli and red onion coleslaw in a zesty cream cheese dressing then topped with #JustDelicious dukkah-spiced mini frikkadels. Season with salt and pepper and garnish with fresh coriander. 

Deep-fried Banana & Bacon

Double thick Greek yoghurt combined with golden syrup and finely chopped red chilli, then topped with deep-fried banana slices and #JustDelicious crispy bacon and garnished with toasted coconut shavings and a dollop of gooseberry jam. Visit for more information.

Eskort Deep-fried Banana & Bacon
Deep-fried Banana & Bacon / Supplied

Gin & Garlic Pork Burger

Fresh burger buns, buttered and toasted. Top the base with fresh lettuce and a rosemary and sage sauteed onion and butternut mixture, followed by thin slices of #JustDelicious butter-fried pork neck layered with a rich, creamy gin and garlic sauce between each slice. Add the top of the toasted bun and serve. Visit for more information.

Eskort Gin & Garlic Pork Burger
Gin & Garlic Pork Burger / Supplied

Mexican Grilled Sub

A crispy baguette sliced open across the top, filled with pan-fried, smoked American Gourmet Hot Dogs and topped with a #JustDelicious mixture of chopped chives, grated cheddar, biltong powder, mustard and breadcrumbs, then oven-baked until the cheese melts. Garnish with wild rocket and serve with a spicy chilli and corn dip. Visit for more information.

Eskort Mexican Grilled Sub
Mexican Grilled Sub / Supplied

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