Eskort Just Delicious - Street Food Recipes

Eskort Just Delicious - Street Food Recipes

Make your own street-inspired food from the comfort of your home with these recipes from Eskort.



This week our chefs got a little help from our friends at KotaPast9. We feature a super tasty vetkoek, a Cape Malay inspired twist for hotdogs and an alternative to a pie and ‘soda’ on the road.

How to make a kota

We've partnered with Okay Wasabi and Daliii Danger from KotaPast9 to bring you a genuine Kota recipe. They show how to create a simple Kota with a quarter loaf of bread loaded with viennas, russians, polony, slap chips and cheese! Experiment by adding your favourite sauces and spices. Visit for this and more #JustDelicious street food recipes.

Vetkoek & Polony

It doesn't get better than a golden deep-fried ball of happiness AKA Amagwinya.  These Amagwinya, Polony & Cheese are super tasty and will seriously up your street cred. Visit for this #JustDelicious recipe.


Hot Dogs with Caramelised Onion & Smoor

Nothing says street food quite like a hot dog! We're sprucing up a traditional recipe with these #JustDelicious Hot Dogs with Caramelised Onion & Smoor - giving it that Cape Malay twist. Mega quick & easy to make with soft hot dog rolls, viennas, sugar, garlic, tomato and onion. And the best part? They are packed with comforting flavours. For this and more mouth-watering recipes


Ham, Leek & Potato Pies

We know it's getting chilly and that warm comforting pies are your favourite kinda padkos. Ditch the petrol station pie and try our #JustDelicious Ham, Leek & Potato Pies! The perfect grab-and-go snack. With puff pastry, ham, leeks, potatoes, wholegrain mustard, cream and some spices, you'll create the perfect golden pie. Visit for this and more #JustDelicious recipes.


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