Beyoncé sends little boy flowers and toy after viral "Where's Beyoncé?" video

Beyoncé sends little boy flowers and toy after viral "Where's Beyoncé?" video

'This ain't Texas' but we all want to hang out with the Queen B...

LOOK: Beyoncé sends little boy flowers and toy after viral "Where's Beyoncé?" video

Not too long ago a video of a little boy named Tyler went viral after he questioned his mom about the multi-award-winning Beyoncé.

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More specifically, he kept asking his mom where his "friend" Beyoncé was.

The video went viral, and thanks to the help of her fans it seems like Queen B watched the video and also felt the love.

Tyler's mom, @beafabregas, recently shared an update and now Beyoncé and Tyler are officially friends:


You don't need us to tell you that Beyoncé is an icon.

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From her Destiny's Child days to her incredible solo career, she has been thriving, breaking records, and has become one of the greatest performers ever.

It's no surprise that her Beyhive (the name given to her fans) consists of people from all walks of life, races, genders, and ages.

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Some of the biggest artists in the world, Adele, Billie Eilish, and many more, are outspoken Beyoncé fans.

But there aren't many people who can call Beyoncé a friend.

One little toddler was very confused as to why his mother wouldn't let him visit his friend, the one and only, Beyoncé.

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In a video that has been shared on social media, the little one keeps asking his mom where Beyoncé is and is not satisfied with her answer:

Don't we all wish we could be friends with Bey?

The response to the video has been equally as sweet with many people hoping the video reaches her and that they could possibly meet:

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