Four ways to use a muffin tray other than for tasty treats

Four ways to use a muffin tray other than for tasty treats

Check out these four ways you can use a muffin tray for things other than baking muffins.

Muffin train with edible paint

There's a lot you can do with a muffin tray other than make, uhm, muffins! 

Don't get us wrong, making muffins in a muffin tray is great. It's practical and makes sense, but when you are not making muffins, the trays are just sitting in your kitchen cupboard collecting dust.

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Here are four fun things you can do with a muffin tray when you are not baking muffins, scones, and cupcakes. 

Edible finger paint

Children love drawing, and being little Picassos when they have the chance. But the paint they use to make their artwork sometimes ends up in their mouths. To avoid this potentially toxic situation, why not make your own edible finger paint? You only need two ingredients - depending on how many colours you want, to make the paint. Your children will have lots of fun painting, and if they lick their fingers, it's perfectly okay! 

Poached eggs

You can use your muffin pan to poach 12 eggs at one time. If you have a big family then this trick will come in handy. No more standing over a hot oven poaching a few eggs at a time! This hack is pure genius! 

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Bacon and egg toast cups 

Switch up your breakfast by trying these delicious bacon and egg toast cups. They are super easy to make, and will leave you drooling for more! 

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Mini pizzas

Use your muffin tray to make mini pizzas! They make great finger foods for a get-together or a kiddies party. You can even eat your mini pizzas for breakfast, lunch or supper, because why not?

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