A guide to enjoying a successful Ramadan

A guide to enjoying a successful Ramadan

As millions of Muslims observe Ramadan, here is what you need to know. 

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Ramadan is a month of fasting for the Muslim community. It is observed from the break of dawn until sunset.

Muslims all over the world devote their time to prayer and charity work. 

However, there are a few exemptions to fasting for those who are ill, pregnant or nursing, menstruating, traveling, and for young children and the elderly.

During this time, Muslims also abstain from intimacy during daylight hours. 

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When it comes to breaking the fast, Muslims often share their meals with others, helping them to do good to others. They believe that this act of charity will come with a blessing. 

Muslims also ask for forgiveness from Allah during this time and show kindness to others. 

Those who are fasting are not allowed to donate blood, deliberately vomit, or take nutritional substances outside of food that act as food supplements. 

Below are some of the recipes you can try for Ramadan:

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