How to know if your drink has been spiked

How to know if your drink has been spiked

Here are simple ways to tell if your drink was tampered with...

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Each year, thousands of people become victims of spiked drinks. 

A drink spiking happens when someone intentionally adds alcohol or a drug to someone’s drink without them knowing in order to sedate them. 

Several dangerous side effects can be attributed to drinking a spiked drink, including:

- Passing out

- Having trouble controlling your body/trembling

- Blackout or memory loss

- Becoming unconscious

- Dizziness

- Abdominal pain

- Poor coordination 

- Loss of ability to communicate

- Hallucinations or paranoia 

- Confusion

- Nausea or vomiting

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While some drinks may not show any signs of being spiked, there are a few things to look out for:

- Excessive fizziness

- A change in your drink's colour

- A foggy or cloudy appearance

- Change in how your drink tastes

It is advisable to not leave your drinks unattended and to have anyone serving you drinks do it where you are fully aware of what is being put in your drink. 

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