How to make the ultimate Heritage Day boerewors for your guests

How to make the ultimate Heritage Day boerewors for your guests

Enjoy this boerewors recipe with gravy and mash this Heritage Day. 

Fresh sausages
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Heritage Day will be celebrated this Sunday, 24 September.

As millions of South Africans will be dressed in their traditional attire and eating different traditional meals, one of the most-loved dishes is boerewors and mash. 

Boerewors is a type of sausage that is chunky and has a coarser texture. It is made up of coarsely ground beef or pork, with spices such as coriander and black pepper.

Below is a recipe to make the best boerewors for this Heritage Day. 

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Put the boerewors in a pot with a lid. 

The wors will release fat which it will fry in. 

Allow the wors to brown for a few minutes. 

Add diced onion and fry until it is brown. 

Add tomato paste and allow to simmer. 

Add a pinch of salt. Remember the wors already has spices, so there is no need for spices. 

Serve with mash and South African Chakalaka sauce! 

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