Lekker sweet chilli barbeque chicken livers

Lekker sweet chilli barbecue chicken livers

Master Chef Ndlovu, a food blogger, offers his delicious chicken liver dish, which includes sweet chilli and barbecue sauces.

The G’s kitchen Chicken livers
The G’s kitchen Chicken livers/ Supplied

Chicken livers are a favourite dish for many South Africans. 

They are also served in many restaurants across the country, especially as a starter. 

Whether eaten with bread, rolls, rice or pap, chicken livers go easy with almost any meal. 

Not only are they yummy, but chicken livers are packed with the good stuff - several vitamins and iron. 

The fact that cooking chicken livers only takes a few minutes makes them a great option for a quick meal.

Master Chef Ndlovu, a food blogger, shared his delicious chicken liver dish, which includes sweet chilli and barbecue sauces.

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-Chicken livers

-Cooking oil

-Crushed garlic 

-Sweet chili sauce

-Barbecue sauce


-Chicken stock

-Salt and pepper 

-Cayenne pepper 

-Barbecue spice

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-Wash the chicken livers. 

- Drain the water out. 

- Place the washed livers in a non stick fry pan and add cooking oil. 

- Add half spoon of crushed garlic. 

- Add chicken stock. 

- Add salt and pepper. 

- Add barbecue spice.

- Add one onion (cut into rings). 

- Fry for a few minutes .

- Add cayenne pepper. 

- Add barbecue sauce.

- Add a bit of sweet chili sauce and continue to fry until well done. 

- Let it simmer for a while and then serve.

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Image courtesy of Given Ndlovu. 

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