LIST: More to Easter desserts than chocolate

LIST: More to Easter desserts than chocolate

Are you trying to stay away from having a chocolate crazy easter?

Easter Desserts

Easter traditions are cherished by most families and are seen as a way families can spend time together doing fun activities.

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With Easter just around the corner, most families, especially parents of toddlers, are looking for less sugary treats and maybe a not so chocolaty option. But the truth is, figuring out fresh new ideas to add to the Easter fun and menu might be a bit stressful.

Without completely cutting out the sweetness, here is a list of alternatives for the Easter dessert list that you can have the whole family helping to prepare.

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The list includes the easter family favourites like hot cross buns and chocolate with a twist.

See list below:

1. Easter bunny pancakes

Ester Bunny pancake

2. Easter chick cakes

Easter chick cakes

3. Easter carrot cake

Easter carrot cake

4. Chocolate hot cross buns

Chocolate hot cross buns

5. Easter bunny cupcakes

Easter bunny cupcakes

6. Easter egg cookies

easter egg cookies

7. Easter chick pops

Easter chick pops

8. Easter Hot Chocolate

Easter  Hot chocolate

9. Chocolate Easter nest cupcakes

Chocolate Easter nest cupcakes

10. Easter bunny biscuits

Easter bunny biscuits

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