Snack Food Month: What our presenters like to snack on

Snack Food Month: What our presenters like to snack on

It is Snack Food Month and we asked some of our presenters to share their favourite snacks. 

Carla Mackenzie snacking
Carla Mackenzie snacking on olives/ Instagram

We all love to snack. 

According to, snacking can reduce stress, as well as improve focus and productivity.

However, it is important to consume healthy snacks, otherwise you can do more harm to your health than good.

Healthy snacks include fruits, nuts, fat-free yoghurt, biltong, popcorn, olives, and protein bars.

Let's look at what our presenters like to snack on:

Elana Afrika-Bredenkamp loves snacking on droewors. 

"As I’m typing this, I’m eating droewors. My life is a snack. I’m busy and have two toddlers, so a meal is unusual. Sitting down doesn’t happen often, so life is a snack," says the radio host. 

"I snack on fruit, mango, droewors, chippies, carrots, mint leaves, nuts, tortillas, raisins, EVERYTHING. I don’t like processed foods, so the fresher the better... and then ... chocolate. I love chocolate," she adds. 

Carla Mackenzie, on the other hand, loves snacking on olives.

She also loves "chicken and broccoli cause it's healthy and gives me all the needed protein".

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A love affair.

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Danny Painter says her favourite snack used to be biltong. "It used to be chilli sticks and sometimes I still really miss them, but I did vegan January, Veganuary, and since then it has been salt and vinegar Lays. So now, I’m gonna have to find something else. No salt and vinegar are the same as Lays salt and vinegar, so I’m not really sure. Maybe I’ll be super healthy and be like one of those people that say Almonds."

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Poser 🙄

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