Video: Breakfast in a bunny chow

Video: Breakfast in a bunny chow

Not a big fan of curry, but want to try a bunny chow? This recipe might be just what you need.

Breakfast in a bunny
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The bunny chow remains one of South Africa's most loved traditional meals.

The hollowed out loaf of bread is a familiar staple food in many homes, especially Durban. 

A traditional bunny is usually filled with a delicious bean, chicken or mutton curry.  

But most people are missing out on something just as tasty - the breakfast bunny. 

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Yes, bunny chows can be eaten for breakfast, and no, you don't need to eat curry that early in the morning - unless you want to of course.

The breakfast bunny makes for a filling start to the day, and you can add some of your favourite breakfast foods. 

Whether you eat with a knife and fork (because you are just posh like that) or wolf it down with your fingers, there is no denying that the bunny is a delicious meal.

Watch the video below to see what you can add to your breakfast bunny. 

Disclaimer: No rabbits were harmed in the making of this video! 

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