5 ways to prevent cracked heels this winter

5 ways to prevent cracked heels this winter

There’s no need to suffer with cracked heels this winter. Here are a few clever tips to help you keep your heels silky soft and smooth.

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Cracked heels are a common problem in winter. They look unsightly, can cause discomfort and can also be painful.

As the saying goes: “prevention is better than cure”. So, we have put together a few simple, yet effective ways you can ensure you have smooth and soft heels when summer rolls back around.


Dry skin causes cracked heels.

Get any good moisturiser such as petroleum jelly or olive oil, apply to your feet and take some time to rub it onto the skin 

and ensure your feet are well moisturised. After applying you need to wear socks or wrap your feet with anything that will lock the moisture in.  

Soak your feet

Soak your feet in lukewarm, soapy water for 16-20 minutes.

A foot soak is not only refreshing and calming, but it can help makes the muscles feel relaxed. It can also help make your feet feel softer and smoother. Be sure to apply a good moisturiser when done.

Scrub your feet

One of the best ways to prevent cracked heels is to scrub your feet. Scrubbing feet helps remove and exfoliate dead, dry and rough skin.

Use a heel balm

Heel balms soothe and hydrate dry and cracked heels. Apply a heel balm after washing your feet. You’ll see a difference very quickly if you make this part of your routine.

Don’t expose your feet to cold weather

Exposing your feet to cold weather can dry out your feet and cause your heels to crack. Keep your feet warm by wearing socks and closed shoes.

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