7 Inexpensive and safe ways to keep your house warm

7 Inexpensive and safe ways to keep your house warm

These methods will keep your house warm in winter without increasing your electricity bill.

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One of the things we hate about winter is how cold our homes can get, and because we spend most of the time indoors in winter, it is crucial that we ensure that our homes are warm. But using appliances such as heaters or air conditioners can increase the electricity bill and might sometimes even be harmful to our health. So, if you are looking for cheaper alternative ways to keep your house warm, we have a few solutions.

Let’s look at seven ways you can keep your house warm this winter:

Take advantage of the sunlight
The sun provides free and natural heat.

Even in winter, the sun still shines bright and can offer your home free and natural heat. Take advantage of the heat that the sun provides by opening your curtains early in the morning and let in as much sunlight as possible.

Seal your doors and windows
A lot of your home's heat escapes through your windows and doors, and to avoid this, you have to seal the openings.

The video below is a brilliant guide of how you can seal up your doors and windows using masking tape, silicon gun, window film and a hairdryer.

Cook and bake
We all know how cooking or baking makes the kitchen feel warm because of the heat released from your oven.

To ensure that the heat is transferred to other rooms and that it stays warm a little longer after you are done baking, leave the oven slightly opened.

Get thick curtains
Winter is the perfect time to give your home a new look.

One way to ensure that you don’t lose heat through your windows and doors is to get thick or insulated curtains for your house.

If you don’t want to change your curtains, you can even use any material or even blankets that you can hang up on your doors, windows, and walls where there are openings. This will serve as an extra layer of protection for your house.

Buy throws for your couches
Throws are snuggly and keep you warm on those cold movie nights. Getting throws that match your couches will not only provide warmth, but give your sitting room a new look.

Buy a carpet
Having a carpet will not only ensure that your feet are not placed on a cold floor, but it will also make your house feel warm. If you have tiles in your home, you’ll know that the cold creeps up and makes the entire room cold. A rug helps block the cold and will make the room a little bit warmer.

Make sure that you buy a thick, durable carpet.

Don’t drain the bathtub
Another trick to keeping your house warm is to not drain the hot water from the tub until it has cooled off. Leaving the water in the tub allows the heat from the hot water to travel from your bathroom to other rooms.

Do you have any other inexpensive methods of keeping your house warm? Share with us in the
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