Fun activities for kids during the holiday season

Fun activities for kids during the holiday season

Don't let boredom ruin your child's holiday. Here are activities the little ones can enjoy during this Festive Season...

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Schools in South Africa will be closing soon. 

With children being home, parents worry about how to keep their young ones busy and entertained.

Here are fun activities your children can enjoy:

Help prepare DIY Christmas gifts 

If your family shares gifts during the holiday season, why not let your kids learn how to make custom Christmas gifts for their friends and other family members?

This could be a lot of fun, especially because it will allow them to use their creativity. It will also be a special gift because it has a personal touch. 

Teach your children a new skill 

Learning a new skill can be very exciting. You can teach your children how to bake, cook, garden, wash the car or clean. 

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Let your children plan the meal and help you prepare 

Include your kids in the preparation and planning of meals. Allow them to serve the family and prepare the table as well. This will strengthen familial ties.

Family movie date 

There are many great holiday movies that you can enjoy with your children. Make it a fun night by including popcorn, drinks or any snacks your kids like. 

Play with your kids 

You will be surprised at how playing games together as a family can help your child-parent relationship.

Kids love to play games, that's how they learn. When a parent chooses to join in on the fun and do something that they enjoy, that means the world to them. You can also use gaming as an opportunity to teach your children valuable lessons in a fun environment while learning from them as well.

Read a fun book 

Learning doesn't have to stop when school is over. Develop your child's love of reading by getting them to read during the holiday season. They don't have to read a textbook, but whatever they enjoy.

Re-decorate their room 

Let your children have fun by giving their bedroom a new look. There are many holiday-themed decorating ideas online that can inspire your kids.

Whatever you do, remember to have fun and not be hard on your children. After all, it is all about learning in a fun way. 

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