How to travel the world while in lockdown

How to travel the world while in lockdown

Staying at home doesn’t mean you cannot explore the beauty that exists around us, says travel expert Jared Ruttenberg.

Woman using smart phone on vacation
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Several countries have implemented strict measures to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

Millions of people around the world are locked down in their homes amid the coronavirus pandemic.

In South Africa, two people have already died from the virus, while thousands more have died in other parts of the world.

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Although travelling is banned by many countries, Jared Ruttenberg, a travel expert, says we can still get to see our beautiful world from the comfort of our homes.

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"Currently, what’s most required of us is to just stay put. The traveling that we’re able to do is explore the often neglected magazines and travel books that adorn our bookshelves. To get online and seek out the wisdom and suggestions of travel writers and other online platforms that will help us stoke the travel wanderlust,” he says. 

With so many people staying at home, Jared says this is the perfect time to use social media to share travel experiences. 

“It’s also good to remember that it’s not only us travel writers who have stories to tell. We can all use our social media platforms for talking about the exciting places we have been. While in isolation they may be out of reach for us, now more than ever we need to be reminded of the phenomenal beauty that exists around us,” he says. 

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Although he says the tourism industry has been ‘disastrously’ hit, he believes that it will recover.  

“The tourism industry is, in my opinion, one of the most tenacious and most creative, so I wholehearted believe that it will recover. It’s been touted that in the same way it has been one of the first to be affected, it may also be one of the first to recover,” he says.

“On the domestic scene, South Africans are no strangers to challenge, and time and time again the resourcefulness and resilience of our people have shown that we will prevail."

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Jared says moving forward, even after the pandemic has been dealt with, people should continue taking the necessary precautions to ensure they stay safe and healthy.

“When the tourism industry recovers and we start travelling again, I suggest start cautiously by searching out destinations that do offer seclusion and forms of isolation, and since we now know what good personal hygiene looks like, let’s continue to practice it," he concludes. 

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