JAC’s Top 5: Tips and tricks to get your puppy to stop chewing on your stuff

JAC’s Top 5: Tips and tricks to get your puppy to stop chewing on your stuff

Our four legged best friends chew on everything!


Puppies are an absolute joy and are very dear to their owners… until they cause chaos by chewing on everything and anything during their teething period. This is most likely to happen when they are between eight weeks to three months.

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Although it is not an ideal situation, it is very normal and there are ways you can deal with it or train them not to always chew on stuff.

The list below consists of things you can do:

1.  Puppy proofing your home

Normally you would hear this where toddlers are concerned, but it is the same for puppies. This will help get you through their puppy phase and, no, it won’t be forever.

2 . Let them shred their own toys

Allow them to damage their own toys as they are most likely designed to accommodate that phase in a puppy’s life. Also, it is easier to replace a toy than furniture and shoes.

3. Don’t chase them around

Chasing them around when they have something in their mouth will only make them think it is part of play time. So, you are advised not to chase them unless they have a very harmful object.

4. Don’t give them tatty versions of stuff you like

One might think giving them an old shoe is a great idea, not knowing that a puppy won’t be able to spot the difference between old and new. As a result, whatever shoe they get will be a play-thing to chew on.

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5. Keep them active

Dogs also tend to chew on things when they are bored, so ensure they get some exercise and are not stuck indoors all day. Boredom is your worst enemy here.

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