The one sale notes that won’t make a sale

The one sale note that won’t make a sale

The chair is not haunted!

Haunted Chair

A Twitter user posted on the platform an image of a chair she is selling. However, she had the internet going wild at the note that accompanies the chair.

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The floral-patterned chair had most tweeps saying that it sure does look haunted, but the owner does not think so, hence the note that reads, “Definitely not haunted”.

As expected, social media had their fun with the post made by Heather Cowan (@hwardcowan), with some comments coming in with pictures of similar furniture suggesting the furniture is related.

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The comments went as far as placing the chair in an imaginary supernatural series, saying how it would be a perfect fit. Another comment backing this up said, “Every Supernatural episode.”

See the post below: 

Image Credit: Twitter/ @hwardcowan

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